Jaywing plc announces acquisition of Bloom

By Jaywing

Following its recent Australia acquisition, Jaywing plc has today announced its acquisition of Leeds agency Bloom.

The acquisition is cited as being in service of accelerating its strategy to create a low risk international growth platform through the development and distribution of data science-led products.

Bloom has two principle strands to its business in a digital marketing agency and data science led product suite Bloom Intelligence.  The suite includes the highly successful social intelligence tool Whisper.  Whisper is the intelligence behind Sky Sport’s Premier League advert featuring Thierry Henry and iconic moments from Premier League football, which topped the Campaign Viral Chart and scooped the accolade “the greatest thing in the history of the universe” from The Mirror. It has also been used by ITV and Domino’s to validate the value of Domino’s X Factor sponsorship.

Bloom has a number of blue chip clients including Sky, SIG, ADT, Arco, Ebuyer and Anytime Fitness, further adding to Jaywing’s impressive portfolio, which includes Pepsico, 3M, E.on, first direct and Pets at Home.