The new website fairytale of form and function: why site migration is critical

Site migration is often overlooked during a new website development and all too often is a task that gets tacked on the end. Jaywing Managing Director, Tom Geekie, explores the consequences.

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By Tom Geekie

At Jaywing, we have technical experts on hand in Australia who have worked on some of the World’s biggest site migrations. But this is far from the preserve of the big brands. Any organisation that places any importance on its website traffic and revenue from it cannot afford to make SEO, and specifically site migration, an after-thought.

Paying zero attention to site migration is likely to result in the equivalent of hiding your website under an invisibility cloak.

The consequences can be significant. Paying zero attention to site migration is likely to result in the equivalent of hiding your website under an invisibility cloak. The greater the scale of change, the bigger and heavier the cloak. It takes time for search engines to build equity in a site, even the best ones. If you suddenly, in effect, hide it by moving the goal posts, the search engines need to re-learn; all of your previous effort is undone in an instant.

You can easily be incurring unnecessary costs elsewhere too.

What’s more, you can easily be incurring unnecessary costs elsewhere too, such as needing to spend more money on design and development changes, or wasting paid media budget with broken links or through penalised redirected links.

Site migration can be an involved process and success in this area goes right back to ensuring design, development and SEO teams work collaboratively from the outset. A site migration expert has both deep technical knowledge and a broad, sales and marketing-led approach; they are able to negotiate and compromise to arrive at a site that looks beautiful, functions brilliantly and, crucially, can be found when a user goes looking.


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The author

Tom Geekie

Managing Director

Tom is joint Managing Director of Jaywing in Australia. He’s been co-director Chris’ business partner since a chance meeting reconnected the old uni friends. A seasoned strategist, he worked for many years client side as a digital specialist giving him a unique commercial perspective and true empathy with his clients.

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