The past month In search: August 2019

By Jaywing

Competitor Ads on Google My Business

Google has slowly been increasing its local search monetisation since early 2017, when it introduced local search campaigns across Google properties, including search, maps and YouTube. These local ad campaigns are designed to drive traffic to local businesses, although a new competitor feature has been spotted in an American business local profile. As seen below, the listing shows a competitor ad under the profile.  

This new feature hasn’t appeared in Australia yet, but will definitely be one to keep an eye on.  

Source: Search Engine Land

What does this mean for businesses?

This essentially means users can be directed to a local profile but then navigate off to a competitor profile instead. Businesses should keep an eye out on this feature to ensure they are well aware of the potential changes to traffic due to this update. 

Highlighted Search Content from Featured Snippets    

Google is testing a new feature in search which takes the user from a featured snippet to the exact spot on the website where the content from the featured snippet is shown. It is currently being tested on desktop and Chrome browsers across roughly 5% of Googles users. The below screenshots show an example of the new feature: 



Source: Glen Gabe (Twitter) 

What does this mean for businesses? 

This feature allows the user to skip past important ads or call to actions and find the exact content they are after, meaning important website elements can go unseen.  These changes should be monitored by checking if your page is ranking for a featured snippet and if so check the heat map data. If this data is showing that the activity of the page has decreased at the top and increased in the middle, it is likely this feature is affecting your results.  To combat this businesses can reposition their call to actions/ads to ensure they are being seen.  

Swipe to Visit Data Studio Update 

Google’s ‘’Swipe to Visit’’ feature which was announced in late July, can now be reported on in Search Console, the data will appear under ‘’AMP on Image Results’’.  

The ‘Swipe to Visit’ feature allows users to navigate from image search to AMP-enabled websites by swiping up on a websites preview and directing to the corresponding website. It has allowed businesses to easily target users through the image search.

What does this mean for businesses?

Businesses can now report on the Swipe to Visit data and identify if traffic is coming specifically from the Swipe To Visit feature and better optimize their strategies around this. 

 Bulk Review Google My Business Feature 

Google My Business is making the review process much easier with its new bulk review management feature. The feature allows the owner of the Google My Business account to access reviews from multiple listings/locations on one page, it allows the owner to reply, view and flag listings all in the one spot. This is available for location groups with 500 locations or less and can be easily accessed on the home page.  

How do I access this?

Log into Google My Business and click on ‘’Manage Reviews’’ which is shown in the left-hand side.  

Source: Google My Business


What does this mean for businesses?

This new feature simplifies the review process for business owners which can free up time for other admin business tasks. The convenience of the reviews sitting on the one page will not only make the review process faster but also allow reviews to be answered and responded to in real-time.



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