Uncover which touchpoints are truly driving results

Attribution is complicated but essential if you are to get a clear picture of which marketing activities are driving value. By understanding what’s working and what isn’t, you can reinvest poorer performing budget in higher performance activity, or even save what you’re wasting.

  • Understanding contribution and customer interactions by channels and campaigns
  • Model development and testing
  • Data- and rule-led models
  • Multiple data sources
  • Online and offline tracking and tagging
  • Bespoke approach according to your business

Completely bespoke

Attribution modeling isn’t an out of the box solution, as each business is different. So we custom build our models each time to ensure investment is optimised for your business.

We help you overcome the challenges typically faced when it comes to understanding attribution, such as identifying which data are relevant, including soft or micro conversions; data harvesting and management; implementing and integrating Google Analytics and other tracking and reporting tools; skills transfer and training for your teams. We’ll help you test different models and approaches to find what works for you, long term.

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Our platforms are built with data science inside.

Cracking the code of linking online and offline marketing

Linking online and offline data, achieving a single customer view