Jaywing Intelligence

Jaywing Intelligence is built with data science inside. It is designed to set marketers free. Free to exploit a constantly shifting world. Free to think and create.

  • Online and offline user journey tracking
  • Automated processes
  • Deep market and customer insight
  • Hyper-personalised marcomms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual Reality data visualisation
Specialism Icons

Jaywing Intelligence collates owned, earned, open and paid data sources to create a single customer view (Almanac), and uses mathematical algorithms to deliver unique insights about customers and the market (Whisper). This insight can then be used by automated marketing engines powered by AI (Decision).

Jaywing Intelligence can be used for marketing purposes such as driving real-time pricing changes in response to competitor pricing or an individual’s price sensitivity. Other applications include intelligent approaches to lapsers, crisis PR, display advertising, attribution, influencer marketing and more.

Jaywing Intelligence is available at a range of price points and functionality levels delivered as software, dashboards, a managed service or via an API. In addition, we can help with implementation and integration with legacy systems and processes.


Almanac collects any combination of data that is held about your business, market, competitors and customers from owned, earned, open and paid data sources. Almanac processes and combines this data to create an optimised data set, which can then provide a single customer view across multiple channels and allow for powerful modelling.


Whisper is a collection of mathematical algorithms, built on dynamic graph theory and graph centrality. It takes the Almanac data set and produces powerful, unique customer and market intelligence that can only be uncovered using Whisper.


Decision is a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that test, evolve and learn how to optimise marketing activity in real time. Decision data is fed back into Almanac which enables Jaywing Intelligence to optimise budget and marketing opportunities in real time to out-perform manual and automated marketing tools.

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