Traffic is nice. Revenue is better.

While anyone can set up an Adwords campaign, tracking hundreds of campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords and targeting people at each stage on their path to purchase is based on solid test and learn foundations. Which means our highly experienced and dedicated client teams make sure that every cent of a multi-million dollar budget is spent wisely.

  • Global multi-million dollar budget clients
  • Integrated programmatic and targeted approach
  • Mathematical and bespoke
  • Optimisation across thousands of campaign variants
  • Technology agnostic
  • Multi-platform, multi-device
  • Relationships with all major biddbale media players
  • Proprietary in-house developed tools and tech
  • Direct contact with biddable media managers.
Specialism Icons

It’s an intelligence-based numbers game

The best approach to PPC is undoubtedly a mathematical one. Our analytically driven approaches are grounded in data science and use multiple data sources to ensure performance is optimised and online advertising budgets work as hard as they can. Even when they run into the tens of millions.

Optimising media spend means understanding all of the factors that drive the exact point at which everything aligns into the perfect balance of clicks, actions and ultimately customer value. From channels to campaigns, ads to keywords, converters to non-converters, segment to segment, humans simply cannot manually process the volumes and permutations of information on this scale. Which is why every campaign is based on mathematical models and creative executions that are completely bespoke.

With an open book approach, our clients always have full access to their accounts and our project management tools. It’s transparent through and through. Which means that not only do they know exactly what is going on at any point in time but that we’re able to take them on the journey with us.

Multi-screen PPC strategies

There’s no mistaking the dominance of mobile today and the ongoing changes to how we interact with brands, roaming across multiple devices, channels, platforms and locations. The fact that millennials own up to five screens and are just flexing their spending power, coupled with changing habits throughout the generations, means that connecting the dots has never been more challenging or more important.

At Jaywing, we lead in this space. From tools that deliver comprehensive single customer views to in-store PPC conversion tracking and intelligent cross-device remarketing, our understanding of how online activity drives other behaviour online and offline is second to none. We both think and execute in multi-dimensions.

Collaborative. Integrated. Focused.

With blue-chip clients across a range of sectors, often heavily regulated or with thousands of product lines, integrating with a multitude of different and complex technologies while still executing to brief creatively is what we do best.

We know that the best way to get things done is to collaborate with client teams and their agencies. Our clients enjoy the benefits of our Google Premier Partner agency status when it comes to getting access to the very latest features, as well as all of our relationships with the major biddable media players across search, social and display.

We work across all major industries on wide ranging monthly media spends from $10k to tier 1, $1 million+, delivering campaign objectives from lead generation to direct online sales and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). We currently work.

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