Content but not as we know it

Content can take all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our SEO story is one of a pioneering approach through creative concepts, design, production and placement that takes things several steps further.

  • A new approach to content
  • Multiple formats
  • Unparalleled engagement
  • Creative ideas, design and production
  • In-house PR professionals
  • Data Visualisation
  • Strong media relations
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What is creative content?

We’re always pushing the boundaries. We develop creative ideas that get noticed, are highly shareable and, crucially, develop high value links from other sites to supercharge brand awareness, engagement and search rankings.

Delivering this kind of content relies upon collaboration across disciplines, taking in technical SEO, creative ideas and design through to achieving highly targeted media coverage in key publications. The best way to explain what what we mean is to walk you through a few examples…

Sounds of Street View

Amplifon is a global brand specialising in hearing health. To help promote its understanding of the importance of sound, we created Sounds of Street View. The multi-award winning exploratory digital sound experience framework adds virtual reality soundscapes sound to Google Street View.

Visitors can explore three demo locations plus it shows them how it was made and invites developers to create their own fully functioning sound adventures. As they share their sound adventures, links and social mentions are created, generating traffic and increasing the power of the Amplifon site

Grab some headphones and try it for yourself.

77 Diamonds

When a Mayfair diamond jeweller wanted to improve its visibility, we created a virtual universe where visitors could add their own “diamond in the sky” and an audacious creative concept to promote it; We launched a $20k diamond into space – whoever found it when it returned to earth could keep it.

The space launch took place with a omni-channel online and national press campaign aimed at high authority news and magazine sites.

The work achieved 175 pieces of news coverage through major international outlets, over 40,000 social shares and generated more than four times as much organic search traffic, helping to spread the word and deliver more links and routes to 77 Diamonds.

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