Great content from search to conversion

Understanding what search engines want and what a consumer wants at which point in their interaction leads to engaging, innovative and imaginative content that helps people find what they were looking for or discover something new. Whether that is owned, earned or paid.

  • Making content work harder
  • Improving engagement
  • Cross-channel
  • In-house PR professionals
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Creative writers and designers
  • Owned
  • Earned
  • Paid
Specialism Icons

Content that connects

To us, content is anything from a blog to a product description, a video on Facebook to a tweet, or a story in the news. The key is to know who you’re talking to, where to find them, what you want them to do, how best to engage them and when.

We start by understanding what is and isn’t working, what’s confusing search engines issue or causing potential customers to abandon. Then we match content requirements to objectives, whether it be onsite or offsite, owned or earned, paid or shared.

Extending reach for reward

Search engines reward sites with the most relevant content, which is why good content improves visibility and drives the right kind of traffic. As well as through search results from your own site, traffic can come from content hosted or linked on other sites, especially those held in highest regard by Google and other search engines – their “authority”.
Critical to this is a firm grasp of the media landscape and knowing where to seed and place content, along with which demographics are interested in which topics and in what formats. This is where our in-house PR professionals come into their own.

Measurement matters

Well considered content goes beyond earning links. It can reduce abandonment, improve conversion rate, increase brand loyalty and recall and reduce costs elsewhere, such as by reducing contact centre enquiries. The internet is littered with content produced by teams of people, costing thousands of dollars that draws limited interest.

At Jaywing, we work and re-work content across all channels, following the connection from initial engagement throughout the customer journey. Whether functional or entertaining, content must have a purpose and must be monitored and measured against its objectives.

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