Smart migration & re-platforming

SEO is integral to any new website build to ensure a smooth transition and maintain visibility. Site migration is an involved and analytical task that requires consideration before a line of code is written.

  • Considerable global expertise
  • Leading large-scale ecommerce experience
  • Robust migration processes
  • Analytical approach
  • Maintain and improve performance
  • CMS agnostic
  • Collaborative working and documentation
  • Risk assessments and mitigation
  • Post-launch support and testing
Specialism Icons

From the start

It’s essential to keep things fresh and a new website with new functionality can certainly do that. But it is absolutely vital that SEO is considered from the outset of any website build. If it’s an afterthought, things will be inefficient at best or result in a complete drop in visibility at worst, effectively wiping a business off the market.

Whether replatforming to a new CMS, changing URLs or moving domains completely, site migration is a specialist discipline in its own right that requires a detailed analytical approach. Which is why we’re proud of our reputation in this field, having successfully migrated some of the world’s biggest ecommerce sites and worked across a multitude of technologies.

Process for performance

With a structured process before, during and after development, we help search engines make sense of the change. In essence, we ensure all the hard work previously done by search engines in crawling, indexing and ultimately knowing how to serve your site’s content to users is not lost. Which means when a migration is done well, any new site will continue to perform, if not outperform, its previous incarnation.

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