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Budget Direct is one of Australia’s biggest insurers. But they had an issue. Insurance isn’t the most engaging subject so any coverage they could generate linked from the same sites as their competitors. They asked us to help improve their link profile and consequently where they ranked compared with their rivals. We needed to think bigger.

We profiled their customers at the point of buying insurance, identifying what they were interested in at that specific point in time – unanimously it was as simple as saving money.


We got creative while staying true to Budget Direct’s product offering and explored the idea of a Cost of Living calculator.

While this kind of data is collected and available to corporations, it’s not in the public domain and the reports are heavyweight. Not something your average insurance customer would be reading.

We teamed up with a crowd-sourced API provider of the cost of every day items and services from cities around the world. Our data scientists, creative, developers and PR team got their heads together to create an easy to digest and interesting format for the data along with media angles that would generate interest. And consequently links to Budget Direct.

These stories formed the basis of how we presented the information to journalists and in turn the public. One theme was “Where is the cheapest place to have a one night stand”, which achieved lots of coverage and links from lifestyle and dating publications. Publications that rarely regard insurance as a hot topic.

With the calculator updating in real-time, further opportunities emerged for reactive coverage. And more links.

Check out it out for yourself:

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