How data science has driven rapid and sustainable SEM/PPC success for Credit Card Compare.

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David and Andrew had big ambitions for when we met them in January 2014. They knew they could be successful in the ultra-competitive credit card and price comparison market by focusing on their customers.

Their approach is one of constant technological development and refinement, coupled with great relationships with credit card providers to bring the best offers to market in one easy to digest comparison site.

As an online business, search visibility is crucial. So they asked us for our ideas on how we could help accelerate their growth.

The website operates on an affiliate model with revenue generated from approved lending applications. This means there are three key drivers for the business: cost per acquisition, volume, and quality. Strict CPA targets are set, which protects margins, and the high volume of qualified traffic provides a serious route to market for lenders.


As always, we started with a modest spend and a series of tests designed to establish feasibility. Following excellent early indications of potential success, we quickly developed a number of campaigns targeting hundreds of thousands of keyword variations using a mathematical, data-driven approach.

Robust data analysis enabled an expand-and-refine model to deliver sustainable and profitable growth in revenue. Ongoing optimisation ensured we generated the highest possible volume of conversions at the lowest possible CPA, while avoiding the issue of diminishing returns despite the aggressive increases in spend.

With this approach, SEM media investment increased from relatively modest levels at launch to a multi-million dollar program that generates better ROI than was being achieved with one tenth of the current budget. The campaigns are entirely focused on direct response with a complex multi-CPA objective that is set at a granular level.

Over the course of two and a half years, Credit Card Compare has experienced stellar growth. They largely attribute this to aggressive SEM/PPC strategies, combined with a focus on maintaining a sustainable and profitable cost per conversion.

We’ve achieved a seven-fold increase in the number of conversions per month and a 17% reduction in CPA. Both we and Credit Card Compare are delighted with the reduction in CPA given that a marked escalation in industry competition has driven an 82% increase in average cost per click over the same period.

As media investment is regarded as a cost of sale, investment can increase as long as margins are achieved. This keeps us all focused on and motivated by the business’ key measures of success.

Credit Card Compare is now delivering multi-million dollar revenues and employs ten times more people than at campaign launch. Meanwhile, they’ve also expanded their activity with us to include display, YouTube, Facebook, and lead generation.


  • seven-fold increase in conversions.
  • 17% reduction in CPA, despite an 82% increase in average cost per click over the period driven by increased competition.
  • 120% increase in conversion rate.

David Boyd, Co-founder, Credit Card Compare, said “I can categorically say that Jaywing’s approach has been one of the biggest drivers in our recent success, helping us to build on the solid foundations of our technology platform and our approach to business. Their methodical and mathematical approach is second to none. We’re now working on a number of new initiatives and looking forward to a continued bright future.”

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