How an analytical approach to Facebook advertising created another success story for Credit Card Compare

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With a great track record in organic, Credit Card Compare had enjoyed early success. However, David and Andrew both understood that to build their business further, they needed to diversify their online marketing channels and came to us to add biddable media to the mix.

Following successful SEM/PPC, programmatic display and YouTube campaigns that delivered a seven-fold increase in conversions and rapid growth for Credit Card Compare, we were challenged to take things a step further.

So we expanded our campaigns to Facebook.


Our test and learn approach means we started with a modest budget, with ads designed to reflect Credit Card Compare’s online experience.

During this process and using tried and tested scientific methodologies, we developed ad sets with thousands of variations. With data science at the heart as always, we identified the most important factors in delivering successful conversions from device type and gender to interest and text variations – intelligence you simply can’t get directly from Facebook.

Consequently, we have been able deliver the campaign at scale, safe in the knowledge we know exactly what is and isn’t working every step of the way.

This has resulted in a 26-fold increase in Facebook media spend in just six months, with Facebook now accounting for more than a quarter of total conversions while achieving a 50% reduction in CPA from the channel.

Critical to this strategy is understanding how and which consumers interact on Facebook to ensure Credit Card Compare continues to deliver highly qualified traffic to its banking partners.


  • Statistical approach to Facebook advertising at scale.
  • Over 50,000 ads tested.
  • Implementation of custom built bidding scripts and rules.
  • 26-fold increase in Facebook media spend accounting for 28% of total conversions in just six months.
  • 50% reduction in Facebook CPA over the same period.

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