How listening to and analysing social network data created "the greatest thing in the history of the universe".

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Jaywing and Sky have been working together for many years. When BT Sport claimed the rights to air UK Champions League football, Sky Sports wanted to remind everyone about their unrivalled football credentials, celebrating their partnership with the UK Premier League in a way that touched fans and reminded them why they’re synonymous with the most exciting league in the world.

We used Jaywing Intelligence tool, Whisper, to listen to the Premier League conversation on Twitter, analysing more than 80 million tweets over a two-month period. From this we were able to visualise how the different football-related communities were connected and who was influential in sharing content and messages between them. We painted a picture of what football fans cared passionately about, and the content they were sharing.


Our insight told us that focusing the creative campaign on ‘moments’ in Premier League history would resonate most with fans. We were even able to pinpoint the moments most likely to be shared socially. We also provided Sky with a list of major influencers and a strategy for how best to engage with them.

The video for the #PLMoments campaign was launched on Facebook, using the power of influencers to make the campaign go viral before any paid media activity. This approach also helped us to reach new communities that would have been difficult to reach through traditional media.

Within the first hour of the video going live it gained over one million views. It also topped the Campaign Viral Chart and has had a total of well over 25 million views.  It was the 4th most viewed video of any kind on the internet during its first week and @skysports was the most influential brand on social media during the Premier League weekend.

The Mirror, the UK’s third largest national newspaper, even went as far as calling the ad “the greatest thing in the history of the universe“.


See the advert for yourself .

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