Everything we do is grounded
in data science

We use data and analytics to drive performance in moments that matter.
With the track record to prove it, every creative detail or technical tweak is motivated by optimising results.

Deal in facts, not assumptions

Our approach to search and digital marketing is first and foremost analytical. What we do is about performance and results, not flattering egos. With return on investment and KPIs core to our focus, technical innovation, great design and creative flair add the layers to ensure we deliver on every front.

Performance isn’t the only thing that gets the analytical treatment. Globally, data science is at the heart of everything Jaywing does, from brand development and creative services to search marketing and media buying. Our tools and platforms are driven by data science and embedded with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Across the board

That’s why we’ve forged partnerships with the likes of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London. We’re supporting a program to understand why people respond the way they do to marketing. Using advanced neuroscience techniques, we’re applying advanced technologies to learn why consumers make the decisions they do and which brain areas are responsible so that we can integrate this learning into the marketing and advertising design process.

Where now?


Data Science & CRO

We transform data into value. Data science is truly at the heart of what we do with one in 10 of our people globally a heavyweight data scientist.

How data science has driven rapid and sustainable SEM/PPC success for Credit Card Compare.

Display & Programmatic | PPC

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