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Say goodbye to guesswork

This is data-driven attribution like you've never seen it before

Incredibly powerful. Simple to implement. Rigorously effective.

Modelled by data scientists and continually evolving through machine learning. We give a complete view, not just channel by channel, but individual by individual. We apply powerful attribution methods - using advanced machine learning techniques, gained from over 20 years in data science.

Step 1

We hoover up all your data

Collecting digital data (PPC, display advertising) and offline data, emails, and SMS - all at an individual-level.


We then use sophisticated mathematical techniques to identify millions and millions of customer journeys - both successful and unsuccessful paths, including sequence, timing, and details of each event.

Step 2

We construct the model

To create a model we apply powerful mathematical techniques, called Random Forests, which uses machine learning to predict the possibility of success of each journey. Then we explode it and break the journeys out into sub-sets and calculate how successful each journey could be without a specific event - i.e. what if we removed email from the sale journey. 


We then drill down with precision, applying the Shapley Value to attribute a fair share of value across channels. We also remove base sales.

Step 3

We reveal the truth

You'll see a weekly dashboard report, showing the performance of all your channels and activities. While you're busy reading that, we're already at work refining your model, so you can continually optimise your marketing. You'll be able to determine next best action for an individual who is mid-journey by recognising which marketing activity will most improve the probability of them purchasing.

Step 4

We help you optimise...

We create a platform where you can run budget scenarios, to help you understand the impact of moving your marketing spend between channels and campaigns. 


You can also determine which customers would benefit most from marketing communications using specific channels and campaigns, and focus marketing activity on the group most likely to react. You can even identify the prospects which the PPC bit amount should be readjusted, based on how much their success would be improved by a PPC event. 

Why listen to us?

We work with leading brands across many sectors with a proven approach to accurate, sophisticated, data-driven attribution. So why not get in touch today to find out how Jaywing's machine learning attribution method could power your marketing.

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