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Video content is an increasingly important element in the marketer’s toolkit. Whether launching a new product or looking for opportunieis to take campaigns further, video advertising provides high engagement views directly to a specific target market and is hugely more cost effective than TV.

  • Multi-channel video
  • Performance driven
  • Dynamic and programmatic
  • Repurpose TV assets
  • Shoot for the channel
  • Creative and engaging
Specialism Icons

Deeper emotional connection

Video content is playing a bigger part in marketing by the day. Cats and doggos rule the web because they stir positive emotions and people want to share. More than half of our purchase decisions are made subconsciously and the brain responds to rich experiences. So whether to be informative, increase brand sentiment or sell, great video content can elicit an immediate emotional response that can in turn induce a desired action.

Multi-channel, multi-format

Video can be served programmatically across a wide range of channels and formats. From pre-roll and mid-roll within other video content, for example on YouTube, to in-banner video or paid social across the web, mobile and social, video content can reach its intended audience and deliver exceptional results.

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