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7 August 2017 / News

Marketing to Machines: What does Google Home and Alexa mean for marketers?


MD Tom talked to Mumbrella about what personal assistants like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa mean for marketers. How do you make sure you get heard when Amazon’s Alexa orders stuff from Amazon and Google Home only provides a handful of options? How do you market to a machine?

A machine that will know more about humans than ever before, individually and collectively. Tom explains how this pretty much changes everything.

Marketing will be hyper-personalised and hyper-responsive, marketing opportunities will appear in places they didn’t previously, commercial models will be different, brand will be more important than ever, but not in the same way as before, as niche overtakes mass in terms of both marketing and product.

Going forward, brand and performance have to work hand-in-hand in an ever more complex network. Are you ready for the AI revolution?


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