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31 January 2020 / Resources

User research report: How does the fast fashion demographic shop on desktop?

Emma Travis / Head of UX & CRO

Within our new UX testing lab, Mindseye, we’ve conducted our own research into how the fast fashion target demographic shops on desktop. This research aimed to gather insight not only into how users interact with the websites they click through to, but also into the journey of them getting there via the SERPs.

The addition of eye tracking technology allowed us to understand what elements of the SERPs drew users’ attention and which elements were ignored, uncovering themes such as the influence of brand, engagement with Google Shopping, and the impact of imagery.

Our exclusive research has revealed…

  • A quarter of participants said they wouldn’t buy clothes from Amazon or eBay
  • Half of those tested use Google Shopping’s carousel images as inspiration for their next step in the online shopping journey
  • A third of participants had never used the Google Shopping tab before
  • Images have a greater influence when they show the products on real-life models
  • The ability to filter products is very important to those tested
  • Reviews were found to be not as important as we’d expected

For these findings - and plenty more - we’ve detailed what on-site actions fast-fashion brands can take now to positively impact their desktop sales.

We delve into the trust indicators you should be concentrating on to build your brand, how you can add custom labels to your Google Shopping feed, how you can utilise Gallery ads, how you can use data to build loyalty with your customers, and much more.

You can take a look at our findings and actions to take now by downloading our report.

If you’d like us to delve into your target audience and conduct similar user research

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