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Data Science & Analytics

Unlock the power of data with our comprehensive range of data-driven services. From advanced analytics, tracking and measurement to robust data architecture, seamless integrations, state-of-the-art reporting, and AI consultancy, our expertise in data-driven attribution and media mix modeling provides the insights you need for strategic decision-making.

Data-driven intelligence guides every decision

Get unbiased insights into each channel’s contribution, a clear understanding of performance drivers, personalised communications, models that demonstrate incremental impact, and support for stakeholders in making data-driven decisions.

Our Approach

Data Collection: We employ robust methods to gather data from all relevant channels, giving you a complete picture of performance. 

Data Processing: Our teams cleanse, organise and structure data for seamless analysis.

Data Insights: We go beyond the data to leverage advanced techniques to uncover hidden patterns and trends.



Data Collection

Analytics, tracking and measurement

We collaborate with you to create a strong, custom measurement plan that identifies essential data points and metrics for your digital strategy. We then implement tracking solutions to collect this data effectively and in compliance with privacy standards.

Server side tracking

Server-side tracking measures user behaviour on a website by collecting and processing data on the server before sending it to an endpoint, rather than directly from the client-side (browser). As Intelligent Tracking Prevention becomes more prevalent, client-side tracking sees a decrease in data volume and quality, and underscores the growing importance of security and data control. Server-side tagging not only improves data accuracy but also provides greater control over what data is collected and shared with third parties.


Data Processing

Data architecture, integrations and offline tracking

We integrate all your marketing tools and data sources to create a seamless view of your customers. By connecting first, second, and third-party data sources, we ensure your data is unified and actionable. Our customer data platforms streamline the process of preparing data for campaigns, saving you time and allowing you to focus confidently on campaign content and messaging.

Advanced reporting and dashboarding

In today's landscape of heightened privacy concerns, vast data availability, and fragmentation, harnessing first-party data is essential for staying competitive. It's crucial to pinpoint lucrative audiences, assess campaign effectiveness, and identify marketing funnel obstacles. Navigating multiple platforms presents challenges in gaining a comprehensive view for informed decision-making. Our tailored reporting and real-time dashboards consolidate data seamlessly, revealing insights that empower better decisions.

CRM & CPD management and consulting

There's a wealth of data available—from website tracking to social influence, mobile behaviour, and more. But how do you turn this into meaningful action? It's about collecting and understanding relevant data to enhance the customer experience. We offer a range of products and services, from setting up cross-channel personalisation programs to fully integrating CRM and CDP strategies. Together, we develop the best strategies to communicate your message effectively. With Archetype, our unique AI-powered modelling tool, we predict customer behaviours more accurately—whether it's predicting purchases, lapses, or responses to pricing, incentives, or marketing messages. Collaborating with our data science team, we bring your customers to life, crafting contact strategies, customer journeys, and marketing interactions that maximise returns for your business.

Data warehousing and storage

Expand your data storage and analysis capabilities with our scalable enterprise-level data warehousing solution. We can help design and implement the perfect solution, ensuring seamless integration and analysis of data across multiple platforms.

Ai Consultancy

With data pouring in from numerous marketing channels, understanding and interpreting it can be overwhelming. Our approach is simple: remove the complexity to increase focus on making effective, measurable marketing decisions. That's why our AI-powered technology automates the collection and analysis of vast amounts of customer and market data. Backed by Jaywing's team of consultant data scientists and strategists, we translate insights into actionable strategies. This enables you to confidently evaluate pricing strategies, product and channel preferences, customer value, marketing attribution, digital activities, and more.


Archetype is our AI-based modelling suite, backed by a team of data scientists and analysts. It accurately predicts customer behaviours such as conversion, repurchase, lapsing, basket abandonment, and credit risk outcomes. Designed for ease of use, Archetype involves just three simple steps to define your models, making it a user-friendly tool that maximises data value. Compared to traditional methods, Archetype develops precise models in significantly less time, while ensuring you maintain control and understanding of the resulting models. Archetype adapts seamlessly to evolving data landscapes. You can easily create new models and continue refining them with real-life data inputs. Introducing new data is straightforward, and you can manage its utilisation through Archetype's intuitive interface. Accessible via any browser without needing IT installation, Archetype employs advanced modelling techniques to enhance development speed and create superior, explainable models.


Data Insights

Data-driven attribution

Advanced attribution brings your activities into focus with robust data science, tracking performance not just channel by channel, but individual by individual and click by click. Gain insights into the entire customer journey across online and offline channels. Understand how each media channel impacts campaign performance and make informed adjustments based on the next best actions. Evaluate these changes to gauge their impact on business outcomes. Supported by over two decades of data science expertise, our data-driven attribution capabilities are evidence-based, impartial, and a true competitive advantage.

Econometrics and media mix modelling (MMM)

We measure and optimize your marketing investment to maximise returns. Jaywing's econometric model assesses the impact of all sales drivers, allowing you to simulate scenarios and make informed investment decisions. We enhance this with data-driven attribution at the customer journey level, uncovering both the incremental impact of marketing communications and detailed insights into marketing performance across various customer segments and products. Advanced AI modelling further identifies and implements the next best actions.

Insights and modelling

Many businesses are inundated with data, making it challenging to find the insights that truly matter. How do you pinpoint the numbers that reveal the real story and guide critical decisions? Insight means capturing data that delves into the core narratives of your customers and your business. Our modelling may be intricate, but its goal is straightforward: to offer you a strategic glimpse into the future. It provides a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour and where your business is headed, empowering you to make strategic decisions. 


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