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Marketing Effectiveness

Data-Driven Attribution | Data Analysis & Measurement | Analytics

Data-driven Attribution

Leave poor-performing campaigns with nowhere to hide.

Advanced attribution puts your activity under the spotlight with powerful data science tracking performance. Not just channel by channel, but individual by individual. Click by click.  

Understand the entire customer journey across online and offline channels. Know which media channels contribute to the performance of campaigns and why. Adjust campaigns based on next best action and evaluate how changes impact business results. 

This is Jaywing's data-driven attribution, backed by 20 years of data science expertise. Evidence-based, completely impartial, utterly essential. 

Data-driven attribution


We’ll work with you to find the best attribution solution, providing a better understanding of which marketing activities are contributing most to your business goals and how to optimise these investments. 

Data Analysis & Measurement

Unify online and offline data to create a single view of customers.

Plugging into data from all first, second and third-party sources, we unify your data and then make it actionable using Jaywing’s marketing effectiveness and analytics tools. 

Our customer data platforms remove unwanted time spent connecting and preparing data to make it campaign-ready. Empowering you to concentrate on campaign content and messaging with confidence. 


Measuring and optimising marketing investment. 

Macro-models like Jaywing's econometric model measure the impact of all drivers of sales, enabling you to run scenarios and make informed investment decisions. 

We combine this with data-driven attribution built at customer journey level, revealing not only the incremental impact of marketing communications but granular insight into the performance of marketing for different customer segments and products. Advanced AI modelling then facilitates the next best action to be identified and implemented. 

AI & Modelling

From virtual bank assistants to face recognition, AI is big news. 

With an avalanche of data coming from so many different marketing channels, you simply don’t have the time or means to understand or interpret it.

Our view is that you shouldn’t have to – you should be free to make more effective, more quantifiable marketing decisions. 

That’s why our AI-powered technology products automate the collection and analysis of huge volumes of customer and market data. Supported by Jaywing’s team of consultant data scientists and strategists, who interpret insight into smarter actions. Allowing you to confidently assess pricing strategies, product and channel propensity, customer value and marketing attribution, digital activity and more. 

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