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Unpicking communities on Twitter

Clarifying Twitter’s purpose for brands and advertisers

Communities on twitter: finding and defining them

Uncovering new insight is what we’re all about. So, when Twitter asked us to go beyond the usual content and audience analysis to better understand its UK audience and its purpose, we jumped at the chance to deliver a first-of-its-kind research study using our social intelligence tool, Whisper. A unique algorithm to describe community structure was developed combining ethnography, trend analysis and quant surveys to get to the bottom of needs, motivations and the role of Twitter. A network representing the connections that people make through Twitter identified which communities persist. These persistent communities (unlike content, which is far more volatile), built on shared understanding and interests, revealed the things that truly matter to audiences.

Complex patterns from Twitter data uncovered at scale


UK Twitter accounts analysed


communities identified


sub-communities mapped by Whisper

Ten years ago, everything was about followers, virality and engagement. The digital media landscape has radically changed and we needed to rediscover Twitter’s unique purpose amongst our peers - what makes us different and why brands should advertise with us. This research has allowed us to do that.

Dara Nasr Managing Director, of Twitter UK