How to win at Biddable Media

By Chris Pittham

Challenger brands, especially in highly competitive markets, generally can’t match established players for media spend. Having worked with many challenger brands in highly competitive markets, including Credit Card Compare, and CRM software challenger SugarCRM, Jaywing MD Chris Pittham, explores how to achieve stellar results without needing deep pockets.

This free whitepaper shows how challenger brands in highly competitive markets can take on the big incumbents and win at biddable media.

Whether you’re considering your PPC, social or programmatic display strategy, the whitepaper outlines the areas every brand needs to consider. It covers data gathering, tracking through to acquisition, bidding strategies, methods to improve conversion, budget optimisation, attribution, channel mix, lead nurturing and remarketing,

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  • Banking
  • Lending
  • Mortgages
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Share trading
  • Software
  • Business & marketing services & software
  • Gaming & gambling


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Chris Pittham
The author

Chris Pittham

Managing Director

Chris is joint Managing Director of Jaywing in Australia. Chris is a marketer through and through with 10 years’ experience in biddable media. He founded Jaywing forerunner Digital Massive in 2012, fuelled by the belief the market needed a more transparent, honest and results based service. He runs Jaywing in Australia with business partner Tom.

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