How Marcs used Instagram to increase organic search traffic by 19% revenue from it by 58% and AOV by 22%

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Marcs wanted to develop its marketing strategy to engage with potential customers. They knew they wanted to conduct product pushes and sales orientated communications, invite people to interact with their brand, increase engagement and awareness, improve SEO visibility and ultimately increase revenue.

They also knew a possible way to achieve this was through taking their first steps into social interaction. So they turned to Jaywing for help.


We devised the concept of Marcs Streetview, a user generated Instagram and Google Maps environment that would increase social interaction and user engagement, attracting their customers to play and contribute with the tool, to discover new things and to get inspired.

People were invited to snap fashion, art, food andculture in and around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and upload to Instagram. We then geolocated the images and created a richly populated explorable map.

We used a combination of Facebook and Instagram advertising, video teaser advertising, influencer engagement, competitions, EDMs, PR outreach, and in-store activations to promote Streetview.

We also widened the appeal and lengthened the campaign by producing supporting pieces. For example, Iconic Streets of Fashion was designed to extend the concept of streets and location while the Street Style Photography Guide featured interviews with four professional photographers and offered out tips & tricks for taking great photos and how to edit them better on your phone.

It generated over 40,000 unique users of Marcs Streetview, saw 2000 photos uploaded and generated over 150 links, increasing organic search visibility by 67%.

Year-on-year highlights

  • Organic search traffic by +19%
  • Organic search revenue +58%
  • AOV +22%
  • Propensity to buy +19%

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